S-5000 Stationary Vacuum Sampler

Simple and robust, some of these units are still in the field taking daily samples after 30 years in the harshest environments. A favorite for pulp mills and industry it has the vacuum advantages: Anti-Clog technology to keep your lines free, hard and/or particulates won’t damage it, and varying water levels won’t affect sample volume, so no need to re-calibrate. Available in single bottle configuration with 5/8” ID flow path and 1-liter chamber.  Training for this unit is minimal so new personnel can be trained in minutes. Two control knobs are easy to use for Time or Flow sampling. One selects for operation and the other for time or flow interval.  A 4.9 or 6.1 cu.ft. refrigerator with all exposed copper epoxy coated is available to keep samples at 0-4° C.  How Vacuum Works.

  • AC powered
  • Industrial Refrigerator Cooled
  • 5/8ths ID Intake Line
  • Vacuum Lift Technology
  • No Pump Tube to Purchase
  • Repeatability of 0.5%
  • Changing Head Height Doesn’t Affect Sample Volume
  • EPA Approved Transport Velocity

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