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Manning 53i Small Enclosure

The Manning NEMA3R 53i insulated fiberglass sampler enclosure is designed to provide excellent all-weather protection for your sampler or other sensitive equipment. The enclosure includes a 4plex outlet, heater, 2 position fan with switch.

Manning 6.1 Digital Refrigerator

Manning Digital Refrigerator built to handle the toughest environments, capable of maintaining samples at the EPA-recommended temperature of 32-39° F (0-4° C) even in ambient temperatures.

Mannning Booster Pump

The Manning Booster Pump is designed to work with an auto sampler or as a stand‐alone unit. The Pump can be controlled by an auto sampler to provide water from a source that would normally be beyond the capabilities of the sampler. It’s capable of handling up to 1/8" or 3.2mm diameter hard solids easily with its large clog‐free check valves (influent with an optional 3/8th strainer). A vertical lift in excess of 100 ft provides a means to obtain samples from difficult locations. Air operations make it perfect fit for many hazardous locations (check local regulations). Durable (replaceable) seals and materials will give years of operation. Requires source of compressed air (compressor available).

Manning Flex Strainer

Unlike stainless steel or polypropylene strainers that are impossible to maneuver around bends or angles, the Manning Flex Strainer solves this problem. With its weighted flexible body, the Manning Flex Strainer reaches places ridged strainers would never attempt and once there lays flat for low flow situations. In raw influent the flexibility sheds rag and debris better helping reduce frustrating and time consuming clogs other strainers are prone too. Only silicone wetted, (no metal or plastic). Available sizes:Standard and Heavy models. The heavier for stronger flows.

Manning Bucketmann

The Bucketmann is a 5-gallon, graduated, HDPE container used for sample collection providing an affordable, cost effective alternative to Nalgene carboys.