PST Portable Peristaltic Sampler

The high performance Manning Peristaltic pump is the heart of this portable unit. By utilizing our pump and standardized pump tubing, this unit provides both maximum tube life (1,500,000 revs or 24,000,000 pump counts) and the best pricing. A “water clear” cover makes it easy to check pump and tubing condition, and rotation is prevented when the cover isn’t properly attached. The non-contacting ultrasonic and the economical smart continuity fluid sensors both keep your samples accurate. Ice in the insulated base cools samples.

This unit is available in single or multi-bottle configuration with a 3/8-inch fluid path.

  • Pump Design for long Tube life (24 million pump counts)
  • Clear Cover for Visibility
  • Safety Pump
  • Ultrasonic or Smart Continuity Sensor
  • Single or Multi-Bottle
  • EPA Recommended Transport Velocity

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